Actors With Crooked Teeth

Uncategorized / Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

An image is very important when it comes to acting, whatever fans see is what they might make fun of. But for sure no one requested to be born with a dental problem. We have watched several movies and seen actors and celebrities moving the audience and fans through their actions despite their dental problems. In this article, we will identify some actors who even if they need to get straighter teeth they still have a large audience that loves them. So next time you feel depressed about how yellow or misaligned your teeth are, remember that there are actors with crooked teeth that make a fortune.


Anna Paquin

She is a known Hollywood actress and she has ever since shown here commitment in moving forward the entertainment industry. She has a problem in her teeth structure as there is a wide teeth gap. She has taken part in the drama” True Blood”.

Lindsay Lohan

An actress who has taken part in several films, the most popular one being” Mean Girl, 2014” she had seriously discolored and chipped teeth. This dint mean well for her until she opted for a plastic surgery in 2011 where she regained her normal smile.

Johnny Depp

He is a favorite star and has taken part in the movie “Pirates Of The Caribbean” he has a red tinge on one of his teeth which look mysterious and a dental cup fitted on his dental formula. This has prevented him from taking part in the Hollywood movies as he has taken a role in “Murder on the orient express, 2017”.

Steve Buscemi

He is an actor and a director in the film industry, he has embraced the kind of teeth he has and he never seems to show as if they are bothering him. Most of the teeth in his mouth are misaligned which have made several people question why He has never opted for a dental surgery.

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