Managing anxiety and dizziness during a medical appointment

Psychology Facts / Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Fear of doctors is called Iatrophobia. What are the symptoms of this phobia? The person who needs to visit the doctor fears that the doctor may give him/her some bad news about his/her condition. He/she keeps on thinking all the negative aspects of illness. Visit this link to read more about ways a doctor can help with your anxiety during your appointment.

Anxiety in the person can be seen. Even he/she may spend a night without any sleep. This causes high blood pressure. As a result, the person suffers from dizziness. This anxiety and dizziness are the fruits of that negative thinking.

How it effects the body

The effects of this phobia are not good. The person who suffers from anxiety often become nervous. The person may not even visit the doctor. He/she may try something outside the medical science to cure himself/herself. This phobia may become so serious that it can go beyond control.

young man feeling anxiety and dizziness at the doctor
How to manage the anxiety and dizziness during a medical appointment?

1. Trust the doctors and the Medical science. Some past events may have given you negative results. But, this doesn’t mean that it will be repeated in future. Think about the millions of people who go to the doctors and get cured. Just, believe the doctors because they have studied their course not to harm people but to cure them.
2. Don’t try to be a doctor. If you have begun to research about the symptoms and outcomes of your illness, then you should stop now. As you are no doctor, you are not the right person to diagnose yourself.
3. Go to the clinic with somebody positive minded. You may be afraid to visit the doctors clinic. In this case you can go with somebody who has been cured by that doctor and had positive opinion. This will give you confidence about the doctor’s ability.
4. Relax. Maybe some breathing techniques or yoga before your appointment can make you feel less stressed.

Before visiting the doctors clinic remember that the doctors are always there for you. If you trust them you will be cured sooner.

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