Beauty Standards For Men And Women This Day

Self Esteem / Saturday, December 29th, 2018

For the better or for worse, many women spend a lot of time improving their physical appearance. They grow, pluck and shave hair; They exfoliate and moisturize their skin. They color, straighten, blow out, and curl their hair. They cover up, powder and mix their skin. They pop, pluck and dry out their blemishes and blackheads. They run, weight lift and do Pilates and Yoga. They monitor portion sizes, choose salads instead of hamburgers and observe the bathroom scales.

All of us want to have and achieve our ideal beauty for ourselves. We look for different methods to achieve this. If you want an expert opinion on achieving your dream beauty, visit the Dr Plastic Surgery MELBOURNE Cosmetic Surgeon and ask them about your beauty concerns.

Beauty StandardsMen certainly turn to some of these common physical maintenance techniques. They are known for buying anti-dandruff shampoo, going to the gym and applying anti-acne creams. However, they have a number of factors that reduce the time and money they actually spend on these beauty rituals. Any quick search via your wireless internet connection will likely show you that most beauty products are for women.

At first, men are judged less by their appearance than women. If a man earns a few pounds, this is hardly a cause for concern. Similarly, age produces a gender difference. Laugh and even a “touch of gray” make men look harsh and smart, as opposed to old, tired and “hag.” These Hollywood standards can be internalized in terms of the beauty standards people set for themselves. How many anti-wrinkle creams can you give to men?

Hair and shaving are another examples of the different standards that men and women know. While some circles frown on men with facial hair, it is generally considered acceptable for men to grow something. A 5 o’clock shade is “sexy.” Look for men’s clothing ads, and you’ll probably see a light layer of stubble on the pines of the perfectly square models. A woman who shaves for a few days without armpits or legs – or, thank goodness, does not want to shave all of them – is immediately considered dirty or uninterested in men.

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