Can Astigmatism Get Worse? Five Reasons For Astigmatism

health and beauty / Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

When you’re not getting any good news about your eyes, you may find yourself in an uneasy situation. Your mood, decision-making skills, and comprehension are all compromised if you have vision problems. No one desires to become blind over a slow, longer period of time. However, don’t lose hope for these reasons why can astigmatism gets worse. Ask your doctor about the possible treatments, especially, the condition of your body to adjust to these issues.


Five Reasons For Worsening Astigmatism

There are many causes for astigmatism, but you may want to know why it’s getting worse. You may find yourself stuck with your worsening astigmatism, but don’t lose hope. We know it is definitely one of your many worries. However, it is important to find out the root causes of these problems. While these are real facts, you may find yourself in positive hopes for treatment, thanks to medical technology today. Can astigmatism get worse over time? Yes, it is possible, but there are many treatments for astigmatism today.


You Are Suffering From Either Of These Three

Actually, there are three types of astigmatism that you may not be aware of or remember. Your doctor may have mentioned these terms but it is beneficial for you to find out these types to determine what’s happening to your eyes. Myopic astigmatism happens when there is an issue with the curves in front of your retina. It is usually a near-sightedness problem for people. On the contrary, Hyperopic astigmatism is a farsightedness issue where your eye’s meridian has difficulties from seeing far away. Lastly, mixed astigmatism is a combination of curving far-sightedness and near-sightedness with the two lenses.

Symptoms That Point To Eye Defect

An underlying health condition is one of the many common reasons why someone’s eyesight is getting worse. Even though it’s one of the usual reasons, most doctors or patients can’t detect these early signs. Although, it is possible that through advanced technology for eye diagnostics to pinpoint birth defects. In addition, you may find yourself under the many symptoms of Keratoconus. This eye problem happens when your cornea is getting thinner, hence, you may find yourself having difficulty seeing. If things get worse, you may need to have a cornea transplant to treat this eye problem.

Aging Problems

Another inevitable cause of why can astigmatism can get worse is due to our age. As our bodies produce fewer nutrients and support, we’re also bound to get our eyes dimmer. In fact, eyesight is one of the fastest senses in our body to deteriorate along with our teeth and posture.

Your Corrective Treatment Isn’t Adjusting

Can Astigmatism Get Worse No There Are Corrective Treatments

Reading this article and coming across the previous problems may have been an off-guard moment for you. You may be thinking that you already know all of these but why aren’t my glasses or lenses correcting my eyesight? Then, you should get a check-up with your ophthalmologist again. Don’t forget about the symptoms and additional issues such as pain, cloudiness, and watery eyes that you need to take note of as well. You may need to readjust your eyeglasses or lenses. If in case your conditions are getting worse, you may have to get surgery or LASIK for your corrective treatment.

No Definite Cause

Inevitably, your doctor might tell you that there are no main reasons for your eye problems. Even if it sounds really bizarre, you should know that these astigmatism problems can be cured as early as there are signs for it. Thus, it is suggested that you visit your optometrist or eye specialist earlier so you would avoid issues like can astigmatism get worse.

What Do You Need To Do If It Gets Worse?

First of all, don’t panic. You should accept things that can really happen like this. However, don’t forget that medicine isn’t of the historical age anymore. There are many possible solutions that can cure your eye’s health. Orthokeratology or corneal refractive therapy can also treat any astigmatism problem. Consult your doctor for the best treatment applicable to your eye’s health.

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