Can High Blood Pressure Cause Blurry Vision?

health and beauty / Friday, July 24th, 2020

High blood pressure and its risk factors are among the leading causes of death globally. Its potential threat to your body doesn’t stop with your heart. If you’re wondering, can high blood pressure cause blurry vision, then yes, it does have a lot of connections. The good news is that blurred eye has a treatment, as explained by this ophthalmologist in Melbourne. Various factors can affect blurry vision, but frequently, high blood pressure or any cardiovascular-related factor can increase the risk. Everyone should be aware of the causes, symptoms, and treatment for hypertension or high blood and blurry vision.


Functions Of The Cardiovascular System

You may be familiar with the term, circulatory system or cardiovascular system, the organ responsible for keeping the body flowing with blood. It provides nourishment to the blood by sending oxygen-rich blood in the blood vessels to the other body parts. On the other hand, it receives oxygen-deprived blood back to the heart that forms a complete cycle. It is vital always to keep your heart healthy and clear of any cholesterol, fat, and bacteria build-up to lower the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke. Notably, high blood pressure causes a blurred eye as it directly needs oxygen to make the eyes work


Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Many scientific studies confirm that race, family history, and chronic conditions may cause high blood pressure. Yet, there are various reasons why high blood pressure can happen to anyone. Although most older adults or seniors at ages 50 and above increases the risk of experiencing hypertension. From these causes, you can also find out how can high blood pressure cause blurry vision. Individuals should even know the symptoms, which shows hypertension, hypertensive retinopathy, diabetes, and heart attack. Consider these causes a warning sign to help yourself get motivated in looking for a treatment.


  • Age 

Risk factors that connect the answers on, “can high blood pressure cause blurry vision” reveals that age is among the top. Age affects the skin, function of organs, and our resistance to diseases. Notably, as people grow older, the blood vessels become weaker, and the pumping of the heart is not as rapid as before. According to doctors and medical experts, individuals over the age of 50 until 65 for both men and women experience both high blood pressure and loss of eyesight.  


  • Stress

Stress and the cortisol hormone may have a lot of instances where it complicates high blood pressure. But, it may not be the direct reason why you experience a spike in your blood levels. A person’s reaction and behavior after experiencing stress may be damaging your health. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems can be prevented when you practice stress-reducing activities or talking to a professional psychologist for help. 


  • Being Obese Or Having An Unhealthy Diet

Obesity goes hand in hand with hypertension symptoms start with sudden dizziness, nausea, headaches, and pain in the heart. Obesity puts a strain on organs that control the production of filters in the blood. Among which are kidneys and liver that may be directly affected by the fat and cholesterol build-up, causing damage. It also puts your eye in danger for being blurred as the nerve in the retina can be blocked by obesity’s common side effects. 


  • Not Being Physically Active Or Fit

Can High Blood Pressure Cause Blurry Vision Treatment

Alongside obesity and being overweight, not exercising can make your eyes blurred. An underworked heart may find it challenging to pump more blood that your eye needs. Temporary eye problems from being unhealthy can also be caused by recurring fatigue, tiredness, and chronic pain. Other underlying medical conditions that may require prescription medications can conflict with your eye and perfect vision. If you haven’t started exercising lately, you may want to motivate yourself to prevent diabetes or even damage to your retina.


  • Alcohol And Tobacco

Not only does cholesterol conflict with the bloodstream that our heart pumps daily. Alcohol and ingredients in tobacco like nicotine and tar contribute to clogged arteries and blood vessels. Irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia is the result of these harmful ingredients that mix in the fluid of our body. Both smoking and drinking alcohol increase triglycerides which also disrupts the level of cholesterol. Eventually, these bad habits may even cause cancer of the lungs, kidneys, or liver.  


Complications Of High Blood Pressure

Why is blood pressure always maintained? Many risks can lead to vision disease just with the slightly blurred vision that you feel every morning. Signs that lead to vision loss, headache, rise in sugar, and constant bleeding are just some of the examples. Even NSAIDs and other prescription drugs make matters worse for people who both have high blood pressure and blurred eye. Here are other reasons why you should maintain both your vision and blood pressure. 


Heart Attack And Stroke

Commonly, the first problems that a person encounters with high blood pressure are heart attack and stroke. If a person doesn’t treat the early signals of heart attack and stroke, heart failure can be imminent. Don’t wait for matters to become worse and go to an emergency hospital right away.


Hypertensive Retinopathy

Can high blood pressure cause blurry vision? Ophthalmologists have a lot of research studies and cases that point to the relationship between high blood pressure and vision problems. A person’s eyesight also relies on the oxygen it receives from normal blood flow. If there’s an obstruction or a clogged blood vessel that supports this bloodstream, it can lead to blurred eye signs. Hypertensive retinopathy happens when the blood vessel walls in the retina become thick due to high blood pressure. This retinopathy issue results in the blood vessels becoming narrow and restricts the blood from reaching the eye. It can lead to swelling and bursting of the vessels, which may lead to complete vision loss or blindness.


Memory Problems That May Lead To Dementia

Can High Blood Pressure Cause Blurry Vision Dementia

The brain also can receive damage from the uncontrolled high blood pressure that most older adults experience. As the arteries and vessels become constantly pressured, minor or overt strokes also results in memory loss. It is still unclear today if dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other memory-related disease is directly connected to high blood pressure. Yet, there are many ways to reduce the chances of complications. Living healthy by eating the proper diet, exercising, avoiding unhealthy habits, and sleeping at the right time increases your lifespan.


Reduce Your High Blood Pressure And Blurry Vision Immediately

Like many indications that cause vision issues and circulatory system failures, it is crucial to get treatment from a doctor right away. Neglect of blurred eye can be chronic and most of the time leads to death. As soon as you feel that you are getting dizzy or having severe migraines, it is best to get a doctor’s advice on your heart rate, BMI, and organ conditions. Take note that you must inform your attending physician of any condition you have such as your family’s medical history, pregnancy, recurring symptoms of pain and other vital details to help diagnose you for the correct treatment. 

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