Phobia of Deep Water and it’s Consequence

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Fear is a transient survival instinct that prevents humans from engaging in dangerous situations. Threats like wild animals, natural phenomena, or deadly attacks from other human groups, 'trigger' this instinct in us, if the risk is 'real' they will provoke innate fear responses. Two of the most important aspects of fear are, a stimulus - that can be external or internal - and the reaction of our bodies to that specific situation. Our own experiences, knowledge, and the environment in which we grew might have a remarkable influence on how our bodies react to those situations - cognitive responses. So, let's talk about Phobia of Deep Water and it's Consequences.
May 28, 2019

Benefits of having a Service Dog for Anxiety

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A service dog for anxiety isn't just like a normal pet. For it to be considered as a legal service dog, it has to undergo some training that will enable it to help persons with disabilities. Its image should portray calmness and exude safety and security for their patient. They are trained depending on a person's condition such that they are capable of finding help in case of medical emergency
April 17, 2019

Is mental health a social issue?

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Mental health is defined in many ways, and the definition is not limited to mental illness. Mental health is a psychological and social phenomenon, and it's not just a health problem. Medical treatment is defined as a social practice. There is a deep connection between mental health and social integration.
March 20, 2019

Couple’s Psychology While Preparing For IVF

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Motherhood is the dream of most women as they want to bear and raise children that they can call their own, but this dream has proved difficult to achieve for a lot of women in recent years due to the rapid increase in infertility, infertility is the hurdle that stands between women and motherhood, and this reproductive problem is one that has spread like wildfire in the last 30 years.
November 1, 2018