Dealing with unplanned pregnancy

Psychology Facts / Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Dealing with planned pregnancy works great for couples but when it comes to unplanned pregnancy, things change quickly when the couple finds out that they are going to have a new person in their family which they haven’t planned for in advance. Especially for women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is a very important issue. If you have become pregnant unexpectedly then here are some recommendations which can help you avoid frustration and psychological pressure during this time.

  1. dealing with unplanned pregnancyFirst of all, do not go in panic mode as soon as you see those two lines on the pregnancy stick. Confirm your pregnancy from a doctor first.
  2. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, take as much time as you need to absorb this news that you are going to have a child and will have to take this responsibility as a mother.
  3. It’s okay if you have mixed feelings about having a baby. Talk about your fears and concerns with your partner and doctor. Remember, in a conflicted relationship, it may also be difficult news for your partner so give him some time to settle down with this and afterward, you can settle down things.
  4. Don’t hate yourself that you would be a bad mother as you haven’t planned it. Just because you don’t like the difficulties of these nine months of being pregnant where you have morning sickness, mood swings, restless nights, etc., doesn’t mean that you don’t like being a mother. Even with planned pregnancies, mothers start to have concerns if they are capable of good parenthood but these anxieties go away when you see those little feet.
  5. Seek non-judgmental support around you, who can assure you that you haven’t done anything wrong and you are going to pass through this phase.
  6. Don’t panic about housing, money and your future instantly. Think that you have all nine months to plan all out for your baby. With few cutbacks, you can manage baby necessities within your budget. Once baby arrives, you can decide about your future that how would you like to pursue your career along taking care of the baby.

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