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Home doctors / Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Doctors on Demand seeks to rethink they way a member receives care by dissolving the walls of a doctor’s office to reach and support their health wherever they may be without the need of in-patient presence. They offer access to a variety of physicians – all whom are US-based, board-certified doctors as well as licensed psychologists – available your schedule. But most of the patient choose HomeDoctorsGoldCoast Doctors because of their availability, always be available to anyone who needs it .

Services are offered nationwide to members with or with no insurance. Doctors on Demand cost is doctors on demand cost affordable and transparent and it’s always reflected upfront, so there are no surprise or hidden charges later. Doctors on Demand work with many major insurance plans and employers to make for even easier access.

It’s free to sign up for membership and there is no monthly or yearly subscription fees. Therefore, a member only pays when they talk to a doctor. Doctors on Demand cost is lower in rates than in-person care since they provide virtual care. For instance, there is a charge of just $75 per consultation – for members without insurance, which is far less than a regular visit to the emergency room or urgent care – and can even go lower with insurance. That said, specific condition pricing varies depending on member’s insurance plans, however this cost will be shown to you before scheduling an appointment.

With providers on standby 24/7, 365 to assist you get back on track as soon as possible, Doctors on Demand cost on consultation can be termed as reasonably priced. Tele-medicine services provided target to treat non life threatening, yet worrisome conditions like cold and flu; allergies, minor sports injuries, headaches and urinary tract infections among others. At an inexpensive rate, they provide peace of mind by taking the hassle and assumptions out of feeling better – and can order prescriptions which are sent directly to your preferred pharmacy, if needed.

Doctors on Demand cost can be viewed as inexpensive since providers are accessible to you when you need urgent care or emotional support from the privacy of your home. When you need preventive health care, instead of a trip to the ER, they are always open to support your day-to-day health choices and habits. And although these visits may not be ideal for specialty cases, when you have a chronic health condition, the providers are always with you at the touch of a button to help you manage it. Doctors on Demand cost or price structure after initial consultation differs with treatment programs and plans for management of specific issues and conditions. Consult your insurance plan to check for coverage.

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