Eating disorder recovery meal plan

health and beauty / Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

In today’s world, many people are facing an eating disorder problem because of their choices of eating less to stay fit or eating fast food as snacks. However, people having this problem have embraced eating disorder recovery meal plans to solve this problem.

Meal planning is a key feature for recovering from eating disorders. Recovering requires normal eating routines. This can be accomplished through structured and planned eating. An example of a good routine is eating at an interval of four or three hours.

eating disorder recovery meal planKnowing what to will eat at the next meal will help patients keep up with the routine. Another thing that patients should remember when having their recovery meal plan is that they should avoid food shopping because it makes them anxious.

Here is an example of a good strategy of eating disorder recovery meal plan for a patient.

In a week, take a maximum of ten minutes to plan all dinners and lunches for that week.

Prepare a list of ingredients needed to prepare those meals. These are actually the ingredients in the recipes of the meal you have planned.

Go on shopping to buy all the ingredients you have listed for your meal. Although you can have a refill in the middle of the week if needed.

In cases where you are planning to have some meals outside your home, then you plan on what you are going to eat. It’s advisable to have something similar to what you had planned to eat in your home.

Have at least two breakfast options that you can alternate.

While planning, do not forget about snacks. This regulates the quality of snacks you take.

You try as much as possible to stick to your meal plan, but this should not also limit you for spontaneous events that may arise.

For those on an eating disorder recovery meal plan having regular meals and shopping gives better progress in their treatment.

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