Essence of Beauty Products – Effective Tips for Skin Transformation

health and beauty / Thursday, December 12th, 2019

With a plethora of beauty products in the industry today, it’s not a wonder on why a lot of women get overwhelmed in terms of which beauty brand to purchase. You may prefer to buy beauty products that will boost your confidence, while others will opt for those to blend in. But when we dig deeper and see the true essence of beauty products, we realize that these products are manufactured for healthy transformation.

To guide you to a journey of healthy transformation, here are the most effective tips in using skin and beauty products.

Familiarize Your Skin Type

essence of beauty products

You can’t just buy any product without knowing the status of your skin. Otherwise, you could end up compromising your skin’s natural form and lead to irritation, breakouts, inflammation and premature aging.

Are you prone to dry or oily skin? Are you allergic to some ingredients found in beauty products? If you’re unsure of these questions, the best way to get an answer is consulting your dermatologist.

Know the Right Way to Layer

Skin products aren’t just applied in random order. You need to know which one should be applied first and which should be applied last. The cardinal rule is from light to heavy. Products which are lightweight can be absorbed easily without getting hindered by heavier creams. Another tip is to give time for your skin to absorb the product. Don’t apply the next product right away.

Too Much Application is a No-no

It’s a terrible mistake to apply too much of the product. Applying too much content of your moisturizer will not only block your pores, you’re also wasting your money, considering that your skin won’t even absorb all that you applied.

Don’t Forget to Double Cleanse

Always remember to cleanse twice. This approach guarantees the removal of all bacteria, dirt and oil that has accumulated on your skin. As a result, you get to have a clean base to layer your evening skin care products!

Always Do a Patch Test

If you’re switching to a new product, always do a patch test for the prevention of irritation or allergic reaction. Simply apply a small amount of the product and assess the reaction of your skin to the ingredients.

Expired Products Are Strongly Discouraged

Just like expired medications, applying skin care products past the expiry date can trigger adverse reactions such as skin irritation and infection. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t remember the date as to when you bought the product, consider it expired and get rid of it.

Sunscreen is Life

What’s the use of applying those beauty and skin products if you can’t even protect your face from the heat of the sun? Therefore, always use a sunscreen product, even on winter and cloudy days. Using a product with SPF 30 everyday would suffice.

Drink Plenty of Water

It doesn’t matter how many skin and beauty products you apply. If your skin is not moist enough, you can’t maximize the results you’re aiming at. Drink plenty of water for proper hydration. Otherwise, your skin would soon look dull and fine lines would inevitably appear.

The essence of beauty products can be challenging to embrace due to the numerous guidelines you need to follow. But with proper discipline, it will surely boost your confidence.

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