Everything you need to know about being a dentophobic

Uncategorized / Thursday, June 13th, 2019

What is the usual feeling when you have an appointment with your dentist? Different people react differently when they are scheduled to visit their dentists. Different ages have dental fear irrespective of the procedure scheduled during the appointment. This is simply an in-build fear that is generated by the body towards dentists and other dental related procedures. If you’re dentophobic, one way to overcome this  is to open up to your dentist prior to receiving a treatment.  It’s just one of the many ways that will help you out and you can read more at drdentistsLiverpool.com.au/blog.

If you are dentophobic, don’t shy away from it because you aren’t alone. Many people across the world suffer from the same condition but aren’t open enough to share it out with their dentists. The condition can be severe to make it worse for the dental patient or can be mild and can easily be controlled. There are different elements that cause or can lead to one becoming dentophobic which include:

1. The dentist.

Some people aren’t able to explain the source of their fear but easily freeze when the name dentist is mentioned. This can be as a result of past bad experience with the former dentist or an experience that was shared.

2. Dental care related pain.

Even with much effort to have a painless dentistry, there is always some level of pain that is expected. In the past most of the dental procedures were done without pain controllers and the experience wasn’t one of the best. Due to the high sensitivity of the mouth, most people develop fear because of the expected pain that may come during the dental care process.

3. Use of needles in the mouth. dentophobic

To control the pain before any dental procedure begins, needles are used to inject a dental anesthesia which some people can easily fear. The injection that is expected can easily cause fear making dental appointment one of the most frustrating moments.

4. Smell and sound at the dentist’s office

Those who didn’t find the smell and the sound at the dentist office during their first visit may automatically become fearful because of that. Such can’t be avoided as a lot of drilling and chemicals that are used in the dentist’s office produces sound as well as different smells.

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