The Goals of Psychology

Psychology Facts / Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

In a sentence, we can define psychology as the scientific study of our minds and its behavior to be able to treat health and mental in people. Psychology has 4 main goals which are to describe, to explain, to predict and to control.

To Describe: 

It can be about humans and/or animals behavior. Through this goal, by stating a description, specialists can get a better understanding and a better perspective of what the human or animal considers normal or not. “To describe” includes watching closely, case studies and performing tests.

To Explain: 

Of course, specialists do want to be able to explain and provide with reasons on why a human being or animal is behaving in a certain way. This is what this goal of psychology is about, and there is a wide field full of theories than has been developed and is still in development as you read this, that support explanations on certain human behavior.

To predict: 

This goal is about being capable of standing one step ahead on how a human will think or react towards certain situations. Once the description of a case is understood, and then, once different cases and why things happen can be explained, specialists are going to develop a skill of prediction with the use of that information in which they’ll be able to tell why, when and how it could happen again in the future.

goals of psychologyTo Control: 

The peak of all goals of psychology is to control. Once understood and dominated the previous goals, this objective is about the most important thing, making changes. This goal’s intent is to develop the capability of influencing or controlling human conduct so the individual can make determinant decisions in his or her life only for improvement which is what psychology is all about

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