illness anxiety disorder treatment

Psychology Facts / Friday, May 10th, 2019

Illness anxiety disorder is a condition whereby a person pays a lot of attention to his health. People diagnosed with this condition have been found to have a persistent fear of any medical illness. These kinds of people are alarmed with even normal sensation to thinking they have a grave medical illness. This site will give you a deeper understanding on its causes, symptoms and more importantly the illness anxiety disorder treatment so read on.


Studies and research have not yielded any information about what causes illness anxiety disorder. However, it is believed to be a chronic condition that develops in early adulthood. Additionally, a child that may have have been abused during his childhood, risks getting this condition when in his adulthood.


• Functional impairment or clinical distress
• Concerns about developing a serious problem
• Alarmed by simple medical problems
• Overusing medical care illness anxiety disorder treatment

Illness anxiety disorder treatment

People with these condition visits medical centers than mental health centers. This is because they believe they have a medical and not mental problem. Illness anxiety disorder treatment may vary from person to person depending on the severity of the condition.

Use of antidepressants may help relieve symptoms that come with this condition. Researchers have found some similarity to exist between obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and illness anxiety disorder. This, therefore, means that OCD treatments like serotonin specific reputable inhibitors (SSRIs) can be prescribed.

There are also a number of therapies that may help a patient suffering from this condition. These are behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, stress management, and cognitive behavior therapy. The therapist will teach the patient relaxation techniques that will help him to less focus on his symptoms.

In conclusion

Person’s with this condition are advised consult a doctor first when they notice any symptoms. Even though it’s important to be attentive to any medical condition, it’s not recommended to have unnecessary tests. Doctors and therapist are the people who are in a good position to help you fight and counter this chronic condition.

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