Do You Have Inferiority Complex?

Healthy Mind, Self Esteem / Friday, August 18th, 2017

InferiorityHaving an inferiority complex makes a person more susceptible to depression because it directly affects one’s self-image. Being confronted with the issue of a poor self-image directly impacts his/her moods. What most of us aren’t aware of is that inferiority complex is considered abnormal. It deviates from the common feelings of inadequacy, making the sufferer intentionally denigrate oneself due to a compulsion to be attached to varied concepts, most of which aren’t directly associated with one’s self-worth in the first place.

Having an inferiority complex makes us very insecure and uncomfortably sensitive people, and tends to always see himself/herself worthless compared to others. As a result, he/she develops a high anxiety level due to the slightest negative remarks or reactions (which may or may not be really directed at him/her), thinking it’s a serious attack against the little value he/she has left as a person. In effect, he/she develops a seemingly-insatiable hunger for flattery and appreciation, or in defense, he/she acquires a depreciating perception of others.

Solving self-confidence issues are not that difficult nowadays. For example, you can’t smile wide open because your teeth is stained or crooked, you can go ahead and find a dental clinic that can whiten your teeth or give you the braces. Visit this Invisalign Sydney clinic if you’re looking for a clear braces service provider.

Think you’re too skinny to attract girls? Then go ahead do some exercise and eat healthy food. Being afraid of your insecurities is just natural. But when it’s too much, it can really affect your everyday life. So, do you have IC?

Could you have developed Inferiority Complex?

If the previously mentioned characteristics define you, then it is probable that you could have already developed an inferiority complex. Long before it pushes you further into depression, for your own sake, seek professional help and confront your situation right away. Let the following questions act as your guide to help you confirm if you do have an inferiority complex or not:

  • Are you comfortable with who you are as an individual?
  • Do you always find yourself comparing yourself to others?
  • Are you constantly finding other people’s faults?
  • If so, do you feel gratified upon realizing other people’s faults?
  • Are you always fishing for compliments?
  • Do you feel gratified with constant flattery?
  • Do you always think people are lying whenever they compliment you?
  • Do you think so terribly of yourself that you find it far out for others to see something good about you?
  • Do you always blame other people even if you’re the one who is obviously at fault?
  • Do you have the nagging idea that everyone is out to put you down?
  • Do you intentionally avoid any form of competition because you could never stand losing at any cost?
  • Do you withdraw yourself from other people because you’re scared of humiliating yourself and looking like a big fool in front of them?

Once you answered all the questions, you will have an idea on whether you have Inferiority Complex or not. Always remember, we are beautiful in our own special way. Just go and listen to Christina Aguilera’s song if you need more self-motivation.

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  1. Not only one person can have this kind of condition. This can be avoided before pushes it into depression. A little pep talk from your loved ones can help.

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