Keep smiling: Ways to preserve your teeth for life

health and beauty / Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Have you noticed that when you smile, most people who notice, even those you don’t know, smile back at you? Isn’t it just a wonderful feeling to just keep smiling, and in the process affect other people’s moods as well? It is important then that your overall dental health is in check so you can confidently smile anytime you want. Here are some basic and very popular ways to maintain your healthy teeth and gums so you can keep smiling.


Ways to keep smiling

Maintain healthy dental health.

couple smilingYour smile frames a masterpiece – your dental cavity. People who have healthy teeth and gums can boldly show off big smiles without worrying about how their teeth look. On the other hand, those who suffer from dental problems like tooth decay and crooked teeth feel embarrassed to show the world how happy they are, and allowing themselves to keep smiling is already a task because of how their teeth look. It is then important to follow what your dentist always tells you – brush at least twice a day and floss every day.


Have a regular dental visit.

We cannot stress this enough. Gone are the days where fear of the dentist can be a valid excuse to skip an appointment. With so many variables present in the world now that can easily damage our teeth, a trip to your dentist wouldn’t hurt that much, and we’re talking about hurting your wallet, by the way. Yes, most people consider dental procedures very expensive but only because we were brought up thinking that the only time you would have to see a dentist is when something very bad happens to your teeth. Well, any complex dental treatment is indeed costly, but if you find time to see your dentist even before any problem arises, it would not cost that much, we promise. Regular cleaning and filling on the side won’t hurt a lot too, and will let you keep smiling for longer!


Watch what you eat.

OK, you regularly clean your dental cavity, but why are you still prone to having tooth decay? Maybe the answer lies in what you typically consume. Your diet might be high sugar and less fiber which may be a favorite diet of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria that thrive on sugary food particles left in between teeth can cause plaque build-up and may lead to tooth decay. Though you claim to clean your teeth regularly, there are still some hard-to-reach areas at the back where infection may start. Make sure that you eat the right amount of everything and skimp on sugar or carbohydrates a bit.


A healthy lifestyle goes a long hygiene tools

Vices like smoking and drinking alcohol will not do your body any good, other than to cause several medical conditions and stain your teeth, as well as provide some snacks for harmful bacteria (alcohol contains sugar). Maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can keep smiling more often.


Wear protection.

Playing active sports and other close contact activities can easily turn from fun to injury. As often as possible, wear protective gear like helmets and mouthguards. You can also wear a night splint or guard when sleeping to protect them from bruxism or teeth grinding.


Food on mouth and nothing else.

Remember when you go camping or attending a party, where you try to impress everyone and use your teeth like a Swiss Army pocket knife? Stop that! Opening beer bottle caps, ripping off the packaging, cracking nuts, and many more should be made using tools other than your teeth! Doing so will let you risk your teeth’s integrity and have them chip and crack due to the force and the hardness of the non-food items you use them with.




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