Mental Health Crisis

Mental Disorders / Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Just like any other health crisis, a mental health crisis should be addressed adequately and quickly. This condition makes the patient lose control of their feelings, thoughts, or behavior. The anxiety and emotional distress make it hard for them to cope with day-to-day activities.

Some of the common warning signs include:

• Inability to deal or perform daily activities, e.g. bathing, eating, etc.
• Increased agitation which can be in the form of violence, property destruction, verbal threats, etc.
• Rapid changes in mood, i.e. pacing, sudden bouts of happiness or sadness, withdrawal, increased energy levels in the body, etc.
• Isolation from family members and friends.
• Out of touch with reality. The patient is unable to recognize familiar friends or close family members.
• Abusive behavior which may include self-harm.

Note that this condition could also be as a result of an underlying health condition. If you have had this problem before, it’s essential to prepare. A plan by telling family members and close friends about your situation: these are people who are usually close to you, and they may be able to notice any new changes before you can. They are also in a position to help you to seek medical assistance. But unlike most health problem, a mental crisis is an emergency that’s unpredictable. It can even occur when you are under the watch of a professional. Having a plan will help your loved ones to know what they should do.

Your guide should contain:

• Advance Statements: a written statement of what you’d like to happen in case you can’t cope, and you’re unable to make decisions.
• Advance Decisions: set out options of what medical treatments you don’t want.

Whether your mental health crisis occurred suddenly for the first time or it’s an existing condition, you need professional assistance to determine the best cause of action for your health.

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