How Can a Pain Psychologist Alleviate Chronic Pain

Psychology Facts / Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

A certified psychologist from this Chatswood medical centre explains the nature of pain as a universal problem with a vital purpose in life. Generally, it gives you that awareness that something is wrong with your body such as having an injury. But when it comes to chronic pain, it’s a little bit different and complex.

Chronic pain cannot be alleviated right away unlike acute pain. Usually, a series of treatments are required such as medical, surgical, physical therapy and rehabilitation. In many cases, individuals who’ve been suffering from chronic pain may also need a pain psychologist to manage behaviours and emotions which can help allay pain intensity. You can also try to go to a massage center in these cases.

What a Pain Psychologist Can Offer

In general, a psychologist is an expert that helps individuals in coping with emotions, thoughts and behaviours that can also include cases accompanied with chronic pain. They can work together with the patient’s family and other health care providers who also help the patient during the coping process.

Working with a psychologist is a step-by-step process. Expect a discussion about your emotional and physical health. This professional will ask about the kind of pain you’re experiencing, where it occurred and when. Perhaps a questionnaire will also be given to you that’s connected to your thoughts about your pain.

For chronic pain cases, the pain psychologist would have a treatment plan. It involves various procedures such as how to attain whole body relaxation, developing new coping skills and how to manage depression or anxiety that is accompanied to pain.

Lifestyle modifications would also be offered by this health care provider. The patient will be offered to engage in recreational activities and methods to attain better sleep, since pain can trigger insomnia.

Progress and Improvementpain psychologistchronic pain, psychologist help

A pain psychologist is a huge contributor in managing chronic pain. Its main role is to aid you on how to develop coping skills so you can still go live your life to the fullest.

A lot of patients claimed better pain management even just after a few sessions with the professional. Those suffering from depression or chronic disease also had the same testimonial, though on their case, it requires longer course of treatment. Part of your psychologist’s treatment plan is to give you a heads up of the course’s duration.

Most Effective Coping Tips from your Psychologist

Here are some tips your psychologist would offer to manage chronic pain:

Stay active. Pain prevents people from doing the usual things they do. So stay active and don’t let pain consume your lifestyle.

Engage in exercise and non-strenuous physical activities. With yoga, walking and stretching, pain can be managed in no time.

Go socialize. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your relatives and friends. Invite them over for a cup of coffee, especially those you haven’t seen for a long time. Social support minimizes anxiety and depression.

Find a distraction. When pain triggers, do something to distract yourself. You can do your favourite hobby, watch a movie or go someplace else. Anything that pleases you is an effective coping method.

Take your prescribed meds and follow the psychologist’s treatment plan. If you have prescribed meds, be sure to follow the right dosage to avoid side effects. Always follow the treatment plan of the provider to attain good results in the long run.

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