Is it possible to prevent jaw clenching?

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Jaw clenching or Bruxism is a psycho-medical condition in which the patient unconsciously grinds or clenches his/her teeth. Bruxism due to stress is very common. This may happen during sleep as well as when awake. It’s a common problem and over 30-40 million people in USA suffer from it. Although it seems to be a harmless condition, it can lead to many serious issues, if not treated in time. It’s therefore very important to take appropriate measures to prevent jaw clenching.

Symptoms of Bruxism.

It’s arguably the most difficult disorder to detect as the patient and even close acquaintances become so habitual to his/her teeth grinding that they don’t realize it. It’s mostly noticed by the dentist.

Following are the major symptoms of Bruxism or Jaw Clenching, as it’s commonly called :

(a) Grinding sound during nighttime.

(b) Rhythmically contracting jaw muscles.woman in pain would like to prevent jaw clenching

(c) Continual pain in the jaws.

(d) Tight jaw muscles.

(e) Occasional swelling of lower jaw.

(f) Painful neck in the morning.


Is Teeth Grinding Harmful?

Seemingly harmless, jaw clenching or teeth grinding can actually cause some very serious dental as well as health issues. It can not only cause headaches and painful neck and jaw, but also lead to loosening, fracturing and erosion of teeth.


How to Prevent Jaw Clenching?

Bruxism can be controlled and treated through simple life style changes in most cases. However, there may be requirement to take medical help if improvement is not seen.

Bruxism or teeth grinding can go unnoticed for a long time, which may lead to severe damages to your teeth as well as general health. Regular dental checkups are useful in identifying the problem in time. It’s curable through timely help from your dentist.

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