Psychological Effects on Tooth Loss

Psychology Facts / Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

The first thing people notice when they look at someone is their face. People with good smiles and friendly looking features are considered more approachable than those who hardly smile.

There are numerous psychological effects on tooth loss. Tooth loss problems could affect every persons overall well being and lifestyle.

Effects Of Tooth Loss
emotional effect

Although losing teeth creates problems such as difficulty in chewing, drinking or speaking, the emotional problems that come with tooth loss are way greater and should not be ignored.

The most significant psychological effect on tooth loss is the loss of self-confidence and increased low self esteem that an individual experiences. This is because with missing teeth, an individual would not be able to express him or herself fully as they are shy or embarrassed. Approaching new people of the opposite sex would also be a problem, as the self-confidence would be greatly reduced. Many researches have showed that 67% of people who have difficulties accepting tooth loss experience low levels of confidence.

tooth lossHaving missing teeth or tooth can be damaging to new friendships or relationships. With social media, meeting and developing friendships and romantic relationships has been made easier. Most people with tooth loss problems would feel embarrassed and anxious to have the first in person introductions if the friend, girl or boy does not have prior knowledge of the tooth loss problem. Meeting the family of a partner would also be a difficult thing to do as the confidence of the individual is lowered because of the tooth loss.

As missing tooth can affect a person’s jawbone, the facial appearance of a person can change greatly. The effects of missing or diminishing bone due to tooth loss can lead to a person looking older than they actually are. This physical effect because of tooth loss can make a person ashamed to leave the confinements of his or her own home thus making the individual very antisocial and to an extension, affect things like their job and education. This is because they would not want to go into the public space for far of embarrassment.


Psychological effects on tooth loss must not be looked over. People suffer so many emotional problems connected with losing teeth through old age or many other different complications.

Although many modern ways to deal with tooth loss are coming up, the emotional state still doesn’t change in most people. Also another way to deal with tooth lose is there is a treatment available such as tooth replacement options, just click to know more info.

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  1. Tooth loss really has a big impact for those people who have emotionally state of behavior. They feel ashamed and can’t go out with their friends because of their dental condition.

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