Psychotic Symptoms of bipolar disorder

Mental Disorders / Friday, July 12th, 2019

Bipolar disorder is a condition that makes an individual experience intensive mood swings. The person loses connection with reality and starts experiencing delusions. It is estimated that about 2.3% of adults in America are affected by the condition every year. So what are the psychotic symptoms of bipolar disorder? Visit this link to learn more.

The condition is known to develop gradually. This means that at first, you will showcase some indicators that will tell the disease is in its early stages. Early psychotic symptoms of bipolar disorder will include:
• Constant worry about performance.
• Withdrawal from everybody around them.
• Increased suspicion about others.
Poor hygiene.
Poor concentration.

It is always advisable that once you notice the symptoms, you seek medical attention. That way, it will be easy to treat the condition. As it develops, symptoms will advance further, and you will end up experiencing things like:

Hallucinations psychotic symptoms of bipolar disorder

With hallucinations, you will start hearing, feeling, or seeing things that others can’t. This will give you a tough time concentrating in reality. Also keep in mind that hallucinations can involve other senses as well including olfactory, tactile, and taste hallucinations.


This symptom is always prevalent during the manic stage of the condition. Once you start experiencing delusions, you will feel like you are invincible and you will even feel like you possess some special powers. This is what doctors refer to as grandiose delusions.

Lack of alertness or awareness

This symptom is what will make you not to realize you have bipolar disorder. This is because you won’t be aware that you are acting strange. Everything will feel very normal to you. You may even think other people are experiencing what you are experiencing.

Those are some of the early psychotic symptoms of bipolar disorder as well the progressive symptoms. As mentioned above, once the initial symptoms start showing, seek medical attention before the condition advances further. That way, it will be easy to treat.

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