What Is Rhinoplasty Tip Refinement Surgery?

health and beauty / Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

If you want to have a better-looking nose, rhinoplasty or tip refinement might be the right procedure you need. If after reading the article, you are considering this type of surgery done, make sure to only get rhinoplasty surgery from Refine Clinic’s trusted doctors. Please click on the link for more information on this medical team.

What is tip refinement surgery?

What is the difference between tip refinement surgery and a traditional rhinoplasty? Both types of operations target the nose and make the patients feel better about the way their noses look. However, there are differences between a regular rhinoplasty surgery and tip refinement surgery.

If the patient wants to change the way their entire nose looks, they may benefit more from the traditional rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty surgery is quite invasive because surgeons correct the look of the rhinoplasty tip refinementwhole nose. However, another type of rhinoplasty, tip refinement surgery, may offer the result you want if you are only interested in changing the way the tip of your nose looks.

Tip refinement surgery only manipulates the cartilage of the nose. It is less invasive when compared to traditional rhinoplasty surgery. If the nose is too sharp or has an unsightly bump on the bridge, tip refinement can correct these problems. By only changing a small part of the nose, it can become more visually aesthetic and pleasing.

Benefits of tip refinement

If a patient undergoes rhinoplasty tip refinement surgery instead of the full rhinoplasty, there are many benefits a patient can have. Here is the list of the most common advantages patients report after having the surgery done.

Less pain

This surgery is less invasive than a full rhinoplasty surgery because it only modifies the cartilage of the nose. The patient is going to feel less pain during the recovery period because less surgery is performed on the nose. Although, the patient should still expect to feel some level of pain because this is still a surgical procedure.

Quicker recovery time

Because less invasive surgery was performed, patients can expect to recover more quickly. The procedure is an outpatient one, and the patients can go home on the same day the surgery is performed.

Are you thinking about getting a nose job?

You may have issues about the way your nose looks. If you only have a problem with the tip of your nose, you may be a candidate for a rhinoplasty tip refinement surgery. The best thing for you to do first is to speak to your doctor. They will be the ones to tell you for sure if you will benefit from just the tip refinement procedure.

Getting a nose job requires a patient to be straightforward with the surgeon about the desired results. One of the most common unwanted side-effects of rhinoplasty is undesirable results. Even if tip refinement surgery is less invasive, it will still alter the way your nose looks. This is why you have to be clear to your surgeon about the specific results you want to achieve.


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