Stress Causing Migraines: Anxiety And Migraine

Healthy Mind / Friday, September 20th, 2019

Anxiety has a lot to do with migraine and daily headaches. Either as a cause or as a consequence both hold a close bond. Studies suggest that there’s a common predisposition towards depression, migraine and anxiety. Aside from anxiety, stress can cause migraines as well. You can read about stress causing migraines when you click the link provided.

Headaches are usually caused especially by the veins and arteries in the brain (vascular headache), or by excessive tension in the muscles of the cranial area, neck and shoulders (muscular headache). Vascular headache is associated with intense vasoconstriction of veins and arteries, and they’re usually associated with effects on our vision like tunnel mink or partial vision affecting sometimes only one eye, photophobia and discomfort with noise. Sometimes dizziness and nauseas.

stress causing migrainesPeople with migraines are more exposed to anxiety and depression disorders than people who don’t experience migraines. Studies also suggest that people with chronic migraine are more likely to have posttraumatic stress disorder than the rest of the population.

Migraine anxiety, treatment:

It’s not an easy task for psychologists and doctors to help people with an anxiety disorder when it’s associated with migraines or chronic headaches.

Doctors have to prescribe the appropriate medicines to treat anxiety disorders, looking to reduce headaches, or if possible to eliminate them. There’s a different number of well knwon medications you can get at any pharmacy.

In addition, there are specific antimiginous drugs, which are specific analgesics for migraine. Some of these medications can be used to independently treat each disorder, anxiety or migraine. The doctor closely will have to monitor side effects and reactions to make sure that medications aren’t making headaches or anxiety worse.

Focusing on a psychological point of view, we must try to be able to eliminate the sources of anxiety that are causing migraines. We’ll have to assess what circumstances we’re living and how to manage them. Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered effective in reducing anxiety levels, and specifically in reducing psychosomatic disorders.

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