Is it Possible To Get Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth?

health and beauty / Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Teeth whitening sensitivity is regarded as one of the few effects a person needs to avoid when using this product. The stress that it may cause a person especially with the additional costs and expenses may terribly affect their mood and decision making. However, there are many ways to prevent tooth sensitivity from happening. Natural remedies may help you eliminate that teeth whitening sensitive teeth effects on your next daily oral care routine. It is also recommended for a person to always consult their dentist or dental care professional for the cause of their teeth or gum’s sensitivity.

Why Does Teeth Become Sensitive?

The pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth trouble millions of people around the world Aside from the normal causes such as bacteria and tooth decay, there are also precautions for a person before doing their dental care every day. Even if teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening gel or strips may cause sensitive teeth, there are other items that you can choose from. The market for dental care is changing its ways to give a more natural and advanced dental care technology for everyone. Know what goes on in a sensitive tooth to diagnose the issues that your dentist can fix.

Bad Oral Hygiene

As your mouth acquires more bacteria from cavities and tartar, your gums and teeth become more sensitive to pain caused by it. On the other hand, some products that contain hydrogen peroxide chemically attack your teeth leaving your tooth vulnerable to sensitivity and pain. Always check the best products that you need to use according to the structure of your teeth and gums.

Too Much Bleaching

If you are someone who does their teeth bleaching like there’s no tomorrow, better check your routine as teeth whitening sensitive teeth effect will eventually bother you. Tooth dehydration as dentally known is a natural process that leaves your tooth tubules or pores open and exposed to bacteria. This is a temporary process that you may help relieve by doing less bleaching. You should also avoid eating or drinking sugar-based food, acidic drinks, or food that stains your teeth.

Your Gums Are Not Strong Enough

If you are seeing signs of bleeding or swelling gums, teeth whitening is not advised for you to use immediately. Schedule an appointment with your dentist first to know what needs to be fixed with these problems. The strength of your gums is also crucial in making your enamel and tooth foundation sturdy for bacteria attacks.

Teeth Whitening Products For Sensitive Teeth

Dental care companies are now introducing better teeth whitening products that you can choose from the market or grocery store. More products contain less hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide. Others are now containing potassium nitrate as an alternative for the whitening process. Natural ingredients such as charcoal, coconut oil, dead sea salt, and sage oil can help whiten your teeth as well. Buying Teeth Whitening Sensitive Teeth productsAdvance medical technology has also lead people to use LED lights together with less hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

Get A Check-Up For Your Dental Problems

It is ideal for a patient to get to know why teeth whitening sensitive teeth effects happen. A person’s dental health is important to maintain especially when it comes to using dental care products that may harm you as well. Achieving a beautiful smile with the cost is worth it especially if you know that there are no harmful effects on your health. Ask your dentist about the latest dental procedures fit for your type of gums and teeth.

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