Tingling Teeth Anxiety

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Tingling is where one experiences a pricking or stinging sensation which can happen in any part of the body from face, skin and legs. Anxiety is a state where one feels restless and agitated which always results to or is accompanied by distressing sense oppression, and is characterized as a mental disorder. If one has a tingling teeth, he is likely to always feel anxious causing a lot of physical problems. This is now called a tingling teeth anxiety which brings about many teeth problems which are not likely or easily detected. It is advisable always to seek a dentist attention and the Doctors at DrEppingDentists are highly dependable when it comes to this type of problem.

Some teeth may be very sensitive and when exposed or come into contact with very cold or hot things, tingling or pain arises. Tingling teeth anxiety is connected to teeth problems like:
Tooth grinding especially when asleep but also happens during the day
•Tooth fears brought about by anxiety where one believes he or she has a toothache or a tooth problem
dry mouth

Stress, anger, anxiety, frustrations or even tension can bring signs of bruxism or grinding teeth.

The sensation feeling is brought about or stimulated by many factors: tingling teeth anxiety
•Toothbrush type – soft-bristled toothbrush is always recommended.
•Toothache or Pulpitis – when the connective tissues and the cells in the centre of your teeth come into contact with irritants, this may cause a tingling sensation. Usually some pulpitis are reversed by an experienced dentist through tooth filling.
•Damaged tooth enamel – this is the hard substance covering the tooth crown. It can be easily broken by things like sugar acids hence bringing about a tingling feeling
Gum recession – caused by vigorous tooth brushing, genetics and poor oral health where gaps in the teeth are created through the gum tissues pulling away revealing more pert of the teeth.
•Tooth grinding – this may lead to damaging your jaw bone. This is brought about factors like anxiety, smoking, excessive alcohol taking, depression or stress.
•Tooth whitening – it’s always advisable to avoid the whitening substances because they are connected to many teeth problems.
•Tooth decay – nerves in the centre of the tooth are exposed triggering tingling or tooth ache.
•Gum disease – if the gums are destroyed, the roots of the teeth may get exposed.

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