Wisdom Teeth Anxiety

Uncategorized / Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

When humans are young, they are often told that shedding teeth or when the tooth is growing, they will experience pain. This is often from people who are much older than the children, whether it’s family members, friends to the family or even strangers. No wonder we grow up thinking that anything to do with teeth is painful, from growing of teeth especially wisdom teeth, removing teeth with cavities or visiting a dentist. Do not fret so much about dental visits as there are friendly and professional dentists at Mornington, who are skilled at taking care of patients with dental anxiety.

Truth be told, teeth are important as part of human body.

  • They enable mouth of human to function properly for example, when chewing food.
  • They make the mouth complete, that is, human beings have teeth in their mouth.
  • Some people use them as aspect of beauty by going for a gold tooth implant or using braces.

When it comes to wisdom teeth (the last molars that grow from late teen years to early 20s), part of those stories that we were told at a younger age may be true to some people. wisdom teeth anxiety

Here are some of the wisdom teeth anxiety.

  • A person may experience a little pain as well as anxiety when it finally comes out of the gum.
  • In some instances, a wisdom tooth may not in perfect alignment with the rest of the teeth. This can be felt with your tongue or be checked a another person.
  • When they come through at angle, they may cause swelling which may lead to a serious infection.
  • Wisdom teeth can also cause overcrowding of teeth that already in existence.

Some of these wisdom teeth anxiety may require you to visit a dentist or go for regular checkups. The dentist may recommend that wisdom tooth be removed depending on how severe the condition is. In this case, they may use anaesthetic and stitch the wound. The gum may become swollen for few days but you will go back to normality.

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