World Smile Day

Uncategorized / Sunday, September 30th, 2018

In this era of progress and development people have almost no time to enjoy all these little things that offer happiness in life. Parents are too busy with their jobs and they can’t spend some seconds to smile on silly and innocent acts of their children. Well, get ready for moments of joy next week as the World Smile Day is coming! A visit to the Southern Smiles Dental will make your teeth perfect for endless moments of shiny smiles.

World smile day is celebrated to motivate people to appreciate small moments in their lives and encourage them to smile and make others smile as well. Each year on the first Friday of October people in the whole world, celebrate world smile day, which was initiated by Harvey Ball creator of the smiley face, 8 decades ago.

The reason for celebrating World Smile Day

• To motivate people to take a time off their busy schedules and enjoy life
• To promote acts of kindness because kindness never goes in vain.
• To help others and try to make them happy, in short, to bring smiles on their faces

Every year, in Worcester thousands of people come out on streets in a parade with hot air balloons, trying to make the largest human smiley, enjoying and spreading the message of smile and happiness.

Why is this day important?smile

In such hectic life routines world smile day helps people to realize the importance of a happy smiling life and reduce stress. Life is too short to waste it by pondering over dilemmas of life so be positive, be kind and helpful, don’t lose hope even in difficult moments and pass this message to others.

Sometimes it just takes one smile to make a terrible day better and it help either you offer a smile to another person or another person smiles for you.

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