Advantages of Having Straight Teeth

Main / Monday, November 27th, 2017
The primary reason for having one’s teeth straightened is of course being able to smile confidently. People with crooked teeth are most of the times not confident about themselves and would rarely smile, laugh or have a photo taken . Notably, having a great set of teeth boosts self confidence and view of the world around.
A study conducted by the Kelton Research for Alignment Technology (2012) concluded that people with well aligned teeth are perceived as having more dates, being smarter and more successful by others. Notably, the survey was undertaken by 1,047 Americans who were asked to take a look at images of persons with a variety of tooth issues and give an opinion.
Results from the study show that people with straight teeth are perceived to have more attractive attributes than the ones with poorly aligned teeth in America. The attributes so considered are being professionally successful, surrounded by friends and family and, being happy. Furthermore, the study indicates that 29% of the respondents said that teeth arrangement was the first thing they noticed looking onto someone’s face. In addition, people with straight teeth are perceived to be 45% more likely to get a job when competing with others with crooked teeth. Also, people with a good teeth arrangement are perceived to be 58% more likely rich and 57% more likely to get a date based on their photo alone
Thus, by drawing conclusions from the study as discussed above straight teeth improve on an individual’s perception hence boosts self confidence esteem.

Health Advantages

The American Dental Association advises that having straight teeth improves the oral, mental and general body health. Thus, crooked teeth increase the probability of retaining harmful bacteria leading to a weak tooth enamel and other oral conditions. Health benefits of having your teeth straightened are outlined as below;
Keeps your gums healthy. When teeth are too crowded or widely spaced they often swell and become red which gives them a bad look. Moreover that may be an indication of a dental condition. Teeth straightening helps gums be securely fit around the gum hence lowering exposure to bacteria.
Makes you teeth easy to clean. Teeth that are crowded make it difficult for the toothbrush to effectively function leading to accumulation of food particles. Thus, people with crooked teeth are more exposed to tooth decay due to the accumulation of such particles.
Protection against abnormal wearing of teeth. Bottom teeth which are crowded cause one or more of the teeth to protrude thus rubbing against the top teeth. Over time the tooth enamel wears out leading to difficulties in chewing.
Decreases neck pains and headaches. Straight teeth reduce stress caused by crooked teeth on the gum and jaw bone. Notably, Jaw misalignment is responsible for chronic headaches as well as neck and face pains.

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  1. True that. Having a good and healthy teeth has a big connection to overall health of a person either physical or mental. Having a beautiful smile can give self-confidence and also a healthy life.

  2. If you want a solution of having a crooked teeth, braces is the best treatment. Consult to your dentist to recommend you the best type of braces for your teeth to correct them.

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