Knowing about bipolar personality disorder

Mental Disorders / Monday, February 4th, 2019

Bipolar disorder is also commonly known as depressive- manic illness. It’s the major cause of abnormal mood swings and energy levels that can affect someone’s daily life. It can have a single episode, a mild episode or a lot of severe mood swings. The mood swings can be separated by a period of normal behavior. In some other cases, the manic episode and the depression episodes can be very alternate and occur frequently. Rapid cycling is what is used to refer to these alternate mood swings. Bipolar disorder is mostly noticed in early adulthood. The disorder is demanding with patients with patients needing attention. To learn more about other personality disorder, tap to visit this website.

bipolar personality disorderThe symptoms of Bipolar Personality Disorder include both manic and mania episodes and also depression and depressive episodes. This is a change in both the mood and behavior and it noticeable by the patient. The symptoms in mood changes are; a loss of interest with the activities that would make the person happy, periods that will last long of being happy and extremely high. The person will get easily irritated and will always be uneasy; they will also have a feeling of emptiness and a lot of worry with no apparent reason.

Behavioral changes symptoms are; being very excited and the tendency to talk fast, a great change with the sleeping and eating patterns, will be very restless. The person will be very easy to distract and will lose concentration in any activity very fast. They will also have a great problem when it comes to decision making. They will complain of being exhausted when they have done a small amount of work.

Bipolar disorder has no cure, and it is an illness that will occur frequently. But the treatment to keep it in control will be offered once it is diagnosed. The patient will be on medication for the rest of their lives.

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