When Having Breast Implant Infection Symptoms

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Like an army protecting a country, the immune system is the body’s defense mechanism. This system acts as barriers that defend the body and fight against bad organism in order to prevent sickness and infection. The immune system is the busiest especially when a foreign substance is introduced to the body – just like in the case of breast implant procedures. This system is mainly responsible for helping the body to adapt to the changes positively. However, when the immune system is not strong enough, breast implant infection symptoms start to appear. Visit this site http://drbreastimplantsbrisbane.com.au/contact-us/ to learn more about breast implants.

The most common signs of infection relating to breast implants are rashes surrounding the breast area, severe pain and swelling that do not go away for few weeks or months, hardening of the breast area where the implant was inserted, scarring, redness and bruising. Hematoma or accumulation of blood around the surgical site is also possible. In worst cases, the nipples lose sensation because of necrosis or death of the tissues within the breast area.

While some breast implant infection symptoms are manageable, experiencing one or more signs mentioned above requires the attention of a reconstructive surgery doctor.

breast implant infection symptomsEspecially if it has been a long time after your surgery, you can’t just be too confident thinking that it will only go away. Opt for a reliable and experienced doctor and not just anyone your friend knows. It is for him or her to decide what breast implant infection treatment is suitable for your condition. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for seven to ten days for minor symptoms or perform implant removal for serious conditions. Severe conditions involve leaking or rupture of the implant.

Remember that a good doctor will never advise saving a damaged implant; he will order an immediate removal, instead. The good news is reinsertion using a new implant is possible. It is safe to do so about five months after or depending upon your body’s healing process.

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