How to Boost Someone’s Confidence

Self Esteem / Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Helping a person to boost his/her confidence is not just a walk in the park. You have to consider a lot of things that can affect their self-confidence. Here are four techniques on how to boost someone’s confidence:

Praise that person for every achievement he/ she makes. For sure, he’ll feel better about himself and affirm that he is indeed doing well because he deserves it. This could push him to do well in future. On the other hand, giving too much praise (whenever it’s not even needed) can give him the wrong impression that he is doing well even though he’s not. Keep in mind that not praising a person for a job well done can lower his or her morale and it could deplete the self-confidence.

confidence boosterHaving a whiter set of teeth can also boost your comrade’s confidence in smiling so you can also take him/her to a dentist and do some teeth bleaching.

Thank him/ her for every good deed he or she does. This will also affirm that he has done a great deed and it will motivate him to continue to do it in the future. It will stick in their mind that what they did is good and therefore, he will tend to repeat the same action.

Pay attention to them. By letting them feel that they are loved and important they will certainly feel good about themselves. Give them attention to little things like with homework, artwork, school plays and other creative works if it is a child for example. If you are not sincere in your compliments, the child will certainly notice.

Always lend an ear to them. Listen to their questions and answer them as best and as honest as you could. Talk to them as if he/she is your the same age and explain things to him/her in the most basic way as you can. Remember, for example, a child knows when you are sincere or not so you need to be careful.

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  1. True that. Having a poor oral health gives one a lack of confidence. While they’re young, teach them the habit of brushing their teeth every time, everyday or always bring them to your trusted dentist. Sure having a healthy oral hygiene can give someones confidence back.

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