Learning the psychological effect of surgery

Psychology Facts / Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

For many serious health problems, surgery is the only option available for some patients. In other cases, individuals will opt to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance. Since the surgery is an invasive procedure, it will affect the body of the person, and the patient should contact the doctor to get all their queries resolved. Like most medical procedures, there is some risk involved in undergoing surgery. It can also cause stress and affect the patient mentally. Hence it is important to understand the psychological effect of surgery before opting to undergo it.

Most patients who undergo surgery experience mental stress before the surgery. They are usually worried if the surgery will be a success or not. Though the doctor may inform the patient about the details of the surgery, and its success rate, the patient is likely to worry about the procedure. Patients who are undergoing surgery for the first time are more likely to be worried while repeat patients at the same hospital are less likely to worry. Similarly, patients may be worried that they may experience pain during the surgery, or lose a lot of blood.

psychological effectSome of the factors which determine the stress levels for patients are:

  • a major or minor surgical procedure
  • surgery duration
  • cosmetic surgery or for medical reasons

After the surgery is over, most patients experience some pain. They are often worried about how soon they will recover from the surgery and be able to lead a normal life. Often the surgery may be expensive, so some patients will all be worried about repaying all the expenses. In the case of cosmetic surgery, the patient may not be satisfied with the improvement in their appearance after the surgery, and this can cause mental stress, unhappiness. In general, mental stress will slow down the process of recovering from the surgery.

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