Psychological Impact Of Dental Implants To Patients

Psychology Facts / Friday, November 23rd, 2018

A dental implant is the replacement of the tooth’s roots to enable a strong base for permanent or removable teeth and is made synonymous to a patient’s natural teeth. It joins the skull to offer support for the dental or facial prosthesis. The dental implants have various psychological and physical impacts on patients.

Psychological effects.

  • self esteemOne psychological impact on the patients is the increased self-esteem. According to Texas Dental Implants, 89 percent of patients said that their mental health significantly improved after they had the implant. They were able to smile, laugh, eat and speak with confidence as compared to before the implant. Thus the improved self-confidence improved their self-esteem and life quality.
  • The dental plants also gave a positive vibe to the patients after the dental implant. The treatment restored their smile and outlook hence they felt more beautiful. Such feeling created the positivity. This leads to positive interaction between the patients and other people at a social gathering.
  • Dental implants make a patient’s life more enjoyable and full of happiness. According to research by (Sargolzaie, 2017), loss of tooth makes the patient go through some stages of sadness. The implants restore the lost teeth and make the patient enjoy delicacies that they found hard before the implant procedure. The enjoyment of the patient’s favorite food thus makes their life happier.
  • Another impact of dental implants to patients is that it enhances their mood naturally. When the patient’s tooth is replaced through implants, it is easier for him/her to smile. According to studies, the corner movement of someone’s mouth due to smiling sends a signal to the brain that something good is happening. Thus, the brain releases some endorphins and neuropeptides hormones. This compound makes someone feel good. Therefore, dental implants make the patient feel better.
  • However, a minimum discomfort immediately after the dental implant surgery is said to cause a little bit of negative psychological impact on patients.

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