The importance of self confidence in your life

Self Esteem / Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Self-confidence is a key element that is linked to almost every element that would be involved in a happy and fulfilling life. Everyone knows self-confidence is key in their life. However, very few understand the degree or extent of importance of self-confidence.

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Less fear and anxiety

The more confident you become, the more you will be able to tame that voice inside you that always whispers ‘i can’t do it’. This is the reason many people shy away from dreams in life, the fear of failure. However, self-confidence can help one overcome that fear, resulting in acts that are in line with your values.


Self-confidence will give you the strength and coping mechanisms to handle failure. It doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t fail. It just helps you cope with the failure, and motivates you to try another action, taking the failure as a learning curve as opposed to feeling beaten down. You will be able to tackle tough challenges that may come along your way, and such challenges can be in workplace, society, or even the problems within one’s household, they will not cripple you. And when things do not turn out the way you had hoped, you will not beat yourself up.

Importance of self confidenceGreater motivation

Building confidence requires taking small steps, leaving a lasting sense of accomplishment. If you have ever mastered a skill or language, achieved a fitness goal, or otherwise overcome setbacks, you are well on your way.  As confidence in oneself grows, you find yourself inadvertently trying to reach more, telling yourself “maybe I can actually do….” or ” I haven’t tried that before, maybe I’d be good at it”. It doesn’t mean that you will not consider the thought of failure, the only difference is, with self-confidence, such an idea will not paralyze you from taking action.


Lastly, having self-confidence helps you understand who you really are. You are well aware of your abilities, strengths, your actions will be in line with your values, and weaknesses, knowing they cannot change your self-worth, only help build you to become an even better person celebrating your self fully.

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