Mental Health Issues with Big Breast Problems

Mental Disorders / Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Women with large breast sizes can experience a wide range of physical health problems, including back strain, shoulder pain, and posture complications. However, the mental health issues associated with big breast problems, such as feeling ashamed due to large breast are often overlooked.


Macromastia is the medical terminology for large breasts, and many women suffer from this condition. In 2011, there were approximately 63,000 breast reductions. Many recent studies suggest women who underwent this surgery possessed physical and phycological motivators.

Psychological Problems

Big breast problemIn a study conducted by the Boston Children’s Hospital, women who possessed large breasts had a higher likelihood of experiencing depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Because macromastia is termed a cosmetic condition, it’s not covered by most health plans and can be very expensive to treat. However, doctors and surgeons continue to emphasize the emotional and psychological effects of macromastia.

Women who suffer from big breast problems struggle to find clothing that fits properly and is often forced to don baggy attire to accommodate their large breasts. This struggle can cause women to avoid social gatherings and ultimately increase their susceptibility to depression and anxiety.

Strategies to Combat Big Breast Problems

Women try many ways to help lower the societal pressure and decrease risks of mental health issues with having big breasts. There are many strategies woman can pursue to overcome problems associated with macromastia if they can’t afford surgery.

  • Make sure your bras fit properly. Many women who experience macromastia struggle with finding the right bra size. In some cases, if they can’t find the appropriate size, they settle for a product that doesn’t fit right. However, there are companies that create custom bras for all shapes and sizes. For instance, Impish Lee offers custom sizes ranging from 28A-44J.
  • Find the right attire. As I’ve already mentioned, women who experience macromastia can struggle with finding flattering clothing. However, there are ways to accommodate large breasts. For instance, donning length sleeves can help draw other’s eyes away from your breasts. There are even sites and companies that offer clothing options for women with large breasts, such as Maurice.

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