Benefits of having injectable rhinoplasty

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Non-surgical correction of the shape of the nose with fillers or injection rhinoplasty is an alternative to plastic surgery. It’s a non-surgical correction of the shape and proportionality of the nose by injecting dense consistency gels (fillers) or hormones that destroy cartilage tissue under the skin.

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Hormonal non-surgical nasal plastic surgery is quite a simple procedure to perform. But before it’s performed, the specialist must accurately calculate the dose of the drug as it’s administered, because an excessive amount of solution can activate the process of uncontrolled atrophy of the olfactory tissues.

Due to the high likelihood of side effects, hormonal plastics are rarely carried out. Therefore, aesthetic surgery clinics offer clients a safer method for correcting defects using subcutaneous injections of dense gels.

The method of non-surgical rhinoplasty is based on the subcutaneous injection of dense gel-fillers to the nasal area, which performs the functions of original implants. The doctor chooses the drug for intradermal administration independently based on the indications for the procedure and the patient’s wishes.

injectable rhinoplastyWhat can be changed with injectable rhinoplasty:

  • Correction of the wings of the nose fillers
  • Nose correction with fillers
  • Nose back correction with fillers

Autologous fillers are conventionally called injectable solutions prepared on the basis of the patient’s own fat cells. Before the procedure, the doctor takes the fatty tissue from the abdomen or thighs, cleans it of impurities and injects it under the skin. The method does not cause the development of side effects, but the result of the plastic is maintained for 8-10 months, after which the injection has to be repeated.

The main indications for the correction of the shape of the nose without surgery:

  • asymmetric form
  • cavities, dips or bumps on the back or wings of the nose
  • sharp angles on the nose
  • consequences of poorly performed surgical rhinoplasty

The main advantage of the non-surgical rhinoplasty technique is its safety and low risk of side effects. The rehabilitation period after the procedure is absent, and the patient does not need anesthesia, which allows plastic surgery to be performed.

The shortcoming of the technique is considered to be a short-lasting effect. Experts further emphasize that repeated repetition of injection rhinoplasty leads to a deterioration in the blood supply to the nasal tissues and a change in its original shape, which subsequently significantly complicates plastic surgery and increases the risk of side effects after surgery.

Side effects after non-surgical nasal plastic surgery are rare, but sometimes patients are worried about soft tissue, which passes on its own within a few days.

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