Effects Of Breast Cancer On The Mental Health

Main / Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

The survivors of breast cancer live with short or long term effects based on physical, emotional and psychosocial effects. While the effects of modern treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy may decrease over time, it may be difficult for most women to overcome the physical scars left by the complete removal of breast tissue. Emotional scars are also among the most common effects of breast cancer in women. Most effects are evident when survivors try to adapt to normal life as part of society in general. This is mainly because most women consider breasts as an important part of their femininity.

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Coping with the changed physical appearance challenges most women. Without the support from the people who surround you, the whole experience can be very traumatic. Fortunately, technology and innovation have developed a breast prosthesis. Alternatively, and at a somewhat higher cost, survivors may receive a breast reconstruction operation in which the removed breast tissue is replaced with artificial fillings.

effects of breast cancerIn some cases, the effects of cancer affect a person’s ability to connect to the opposite sex. Married women may even have low sexual desire, especially if they feel bad and what their body looks like. At this time, couples of breast cancer survivors must play a calming role. The emergence of self-help groups is also one of the most effective ways modern breast cancer survivors can mutually support each other. In such groups, they can share their different experiences and coping strategies, so that most of them can more easily deal with their emotional and physical feelings of inadequacy.

In general, the effects of breast cancer are mainly expressed in the emotions of the survivors. Even after self-acceptance, most cancer patients suffer from anxiety in which even a small pain in the scar tissue can scare survivors that cancer will come back. This, in turn, can lead to other effects, such as sleep disorders, depression or a sense of isolation. One of the most effective ways to calm down is to get and get constant tests.

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