Some mental health facts that you should know

Psychology Facts / Saturday, March 30th, 2019

There are several factors that may lead to mental illness which include physical illness, genetics or traumatic life experiences. Mental health facts indicate that most of the individuals who happen to have had this condition either have witnessed the war in a given stage of their life or have lived through a major disaster. Although people with mental health issues are described as nonviolent, they may end up being of harm to themselves as the numbers indicate that suicide accounts for at least 800,000 deaths per annum. If the condition is serious, the expenses can be high which may lead to considerable amounts being set aside by the government to curb such cases.

mental health factsPreventive measures need to be put in place such as addressing risk factors which include trauma, and this may result in a decrease in health disorders especially among children and adolescents. Mental health condition is sometimes associated with depression and records indicate that of the 20% youth having a mental health condition, at least one in 10 has experienced a duration of major depression which if not diagnosed earlier enough may have serious effects on the individual in future.

While this is the case, most people don’t seek medical treatment which puts them at risk of even developing serious complications if such cases are not detected at an earlier stage. Individuals who have the tendency for drug and substance abuse also have a high risk of developing and suffering from mental illness as most of the hard drugs end up interfering with the functionality of the brain.

Other people who at a higher risk of developing such complications include members of the LGBTQ community as they try to fit in communities who may not have embraced such groups and may end up suffering in the long run.

Although cases of mental illness are common, most of those individuals who seek proper treatment witness a significant reduction in the symptoms and most of them end up living productive lives.

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