Benefits of having a Service Dog for Anxiety

Psychology Facts / Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Service dogs act as guards for patients with disabilities. These persons can either be physically challenged, for example those with hearing,visual or mobility impairment, or they can be emotionally or mentally impaired brought by trauma or stressful events. They also help people with conditions that require constant monitoring, like diabetes, mental illness, depression, and anxiety.

A service dog for anxiety isn’t just like a normal pet. For it to be considered as a legal service dog, it has to undergo some training that will enable it to help persons with disabilities. Its image should portray calmness and exude safety and security for their patient. They are trained depending on a person’s condition such that they are capable of finding help in case of medical emergency. Their benefits include:


#1. They notice signs of panic attacks before you do

Service dogs have acute senses and are very keen to detail more than we think.When you start breathing faster,change in scent,taking deep breath or biting your fingers they will notice this before you do.they will then let you know it’s time to seek for assistance.

#2. Service dogs for anxiety know if something is wrong

A friend or a relative may fail to let you know when something is wrong, since they may think that they are only bothering you so they would hesitate in getting your attention. A service dog will not be afraid to let you know when something is wrong.This will help to prevent panic attacks more often before they get out of hand.

#3. Service dog for anxiety will make you feel safe

The presence of a service dog alone will lower your tension and calm down your high blood pressure.The presence of this dog by your side will always scare away people with bad intentions.

service dogs for anxiety


#4. They will always be a friend by your side

A human friend or a relative will get tired of being with you all the time but a service dog won’t.A service dog will make you feel less lonely. In all circumstances it will always be there for you and with you.


#5. Service dogs will help you get your independence back

When you have crippling anxiety you end up relying on inconvenience friends and family members.With a service dog by your side, you will be able to go to any place you want without relying on these people again.They will make you feel free from people.

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