The Symptoms And Treatment Of Mental Breakdown

Healthy Mind, Mental Disorders / Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Mental breakdown is also referred to as nervous breakdown and can be known as a severe attack of mental illness. There are a number of causes for mental breakdown and they include stress, unresolved grief, career burnout, social stress, unemployment, divorce, death, deceived by a loved one etc. The mental illness includes depression due to some factors in life, psychosis, dissociation, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and severe stress.

Mental breakdown is mostly used to describe people who are undergoing mental sickness like depression or anxiety. In the olden days, this disorder was known as melancholia, vapors, neuralgic disease, neurasthenia, and prostration. Initially, all the doctors and the medical professionals assumed it to be a disorder of the nervous system. Then, later on, they realized that the disorder is due to a disease in the mind of the person.

Symptoms of Mental Breakdown


A person is said to suffer from a mental disorder, if he/she has hallucinations, hears voices or even senses things that actually do not occur in real life. The symptoms of the mental breakdown differ from person to person. The patient might also hear someone say something when there’s no one presenting reality. They tend to become obsessive about doing something harmful to themselves or anyone nearby.

They also start to feel that they are being victimized or persecuted by others whereas this phenomenon does not happen. They start having the feelings of extreme responsibility or excessive elaborateness or unnecessary strong envy. The other symptoms include strange speech patterns that are not comprehensible because it’s strangely organized and presented. The patients show strange kinds of behaviors that turn out to be bizarre such as odd body movements or disrobing behavior in public.

Treatment of Mental Breakdown

Suitable types of psychotropic treatment, therapeutic interventions and relaxation are used to for the treatment breakdowns. Usually, the patients are restored to earlier levels of performance or sometimes even better than before, depending on the type of breakdown. In some cases of mental sickness, healthy functioning of the body is not completely restored. The majority of breakdowns seen in the past few years have been corrected by an appropriate treatment that leads to a quick recovery and prevention of the disorder in near future.

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  1. If you have seen a person experiencing some weird things and strange kinds of behaviors, he or she may have a mental illness. Instead to make fun of them, help and guide them. They need professional help.

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